Archeologist Find Skull Perfect to be Used as a Bong

Windhoek – NAMIBIA
An Archeologist by the name of Antoine DeBruyne announced Yesterday that he found a humanoid skull in perfect condition to be used as a bong. Speaking to journalists from his excavation site, an enthusiastic Antoine said, “So check this out, I and my buddy Travis have been labouring and obambulating around this goddamn site, analyzing soil chemistry and eluviation, boring stuff like that. All for what? To discover old ass turd-like fossils for some nerdy kids to be excited about? Nah, fuck that. But as I was digging through this aromatic strata yesterday, I found this skull that would make a badass bong. It has got a hole in the cranium with just the right diameter for a pipe and the sinuses are still in prime condition to be stuffed the buds . . . we’re so excited!”
Though the skull is yet to be carbon dated, most scientist are quite certain that it predates the last ice age. Antoine however, was mostly excited about his new utensil. “Look man, after Travis and I are done digging for the day, we are going to light up some good kush as we watch the beautiful African Sunset over the grassy plains. Late into the night we are going to keep blowing smoke into the sky until those voyeuristic aliens cough loud enough to alter our tidal waves and the white dwarfs are irreversibly stained. I daresay that this is the most exciting discovery in my 8 year career . . . Imma even tell my mom about this.”



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