Senegalese Tailor Wishes Customers Check Him At The Right Time

Enugu – ENUGU, Nigeria.
A Senegalese Tailor, Mahmoud Babass in the busy streets of Uwani, Enugu town, has expressed a wish to Journalists that his customers whom he values and cherishes would rather adjust their schedules and watches to reflect the time zone of the beautiful city of Dakar. The wistful tailor said he would hate to denounce his usually polite and respectful customers, who would greet him and call him “friend” in Hausa, or Baba if they were super friendly youth who really just want a bargain on their sewing.

The Seamster said he appreciated all who came to his small kiosk, bending low as they descended beneath the eaves and requested to have their attire made this way and that. Many would return several times and accept his excuses wholeheartedly, but no one came at the time of the Greenwich Meridian, the timezone of Dakar.
“I remember the landscape of Dakar, the Mountains shaped like breasts that King Leopold spoke about, the ambience of the streets. I know there are other impressive cities worldwide, but I wish my customers would adjust their watches to synchronize with Dakar’s radio programs and prayer times. I rather want my life to proceed that way as a temporal memento to Dakar, the city of my birth and adolescence. There are quite a lot of similarities between Dakar and Enugu, as well as a lot of differences, but these are all spatial, not temporal. It means that I can only use Dakar’s timezone to keep my life and business in order.”

The slightly discombobulated Tailor then shook his head, creased his weathered forehead, and roused eyebrows he could not see before he continued sewing his latest work.



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