Ants Hoping to Break Communication Barrier, Teach Humans a Thing or Two About Ecology

Ants on the floor bed of the Tropical forests in Nigeria have in spite of regional and seasonal difficulties, insisted that they would love to break the communication barrier between they and humans to teach them some things about ecology. The ants were quite happy to report that they actually possess this knowledge, and have it stashed somewhere, they said. But that they were some attendant difficulties in figuring out the sounds and visual signs that would convey the message to Humans. “Ah, yes indeed, we would love to present humans with some ideas we have about our shared habitats, and about our entire ecosystem. Unfortunately, we are yet to determine a codification that’d help break the communication barrier. We know for sure that they study us, boldly sending their creepy shorts wearing backpacking folks to study us and what not. That’s not an issue, though, the creepy is at a tolerable level. I mean, some of them might be disgusted at what parts of them we love eating.”

The ants however, had a fingers-crossed attitude about the prospects of an amicable communication, given that the very fact that there is a talk to be had meant that there were key issues to discuss. “Boy, what a talk that’d be. There might be awkward exchanges about how we eat their furniture, or how we often show up beneath their footfall. We have our own grievances to air as well. I mean, it’s not like the furniture they accuse us of eating does not stub their own toe from time to time. Most of our grievances though, are outside, and we would love to take it there, so to speak. Asphalt is bound to come up a lot.”

The ants added that they hoped the humans don’t stretch the metaphor on taking it outside.



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