Nigerian Judo Federation Bans Use of Adamantium Blades

Abuja – FCT
Sitting in a conference in Maitama, the Nigerian Judo Federation on Monday announced that it had reached a decision to ban the use of all protusible adamantium blades (or blunt bones), and athletes who dare to use such in fights, or are unable to control harmful protrusion of such bones. The top regulating body said they had no choice but to completely obstruct the potential hazards and casualties such mutational weapons could cause.
Mr. Olalekan Adekunle, an erstwhile Judo Champion and the Agency’s Sporting Director said he found the unanimous decision not only right, but pressing given the recent incidences. “Many of us here in this conference can attest to the number of times when they met talents, or scouts talking about talents who happen to mention that they had adamantium skeleton, some as protusible bones which they’ve shanked up during training. We have made it quite clear to them that on no circumstances should these be used, and any prospect who attempts such would be committing a career-ending foul.”
Mr. Adekunle stated quite blandly that there were already registered athletes who had blades and bones of the extremely rare and durable metal alloy, but they had all been briefed about the consequences of using such capriciously. None with professional certification he added, had intractable extrudant bones or suffer loss neural loss of control of the natural knives buried deep beneath in the flesh of their limbs.
“We can safely assure lovers of the sport that while they do not have to worry about any ugly incidences, any athlete who displays or uses excarnate bones during a fight shall be competently expulled. Look, we have had some athletes confide that they have all sorts of tough alloys in their body. Vibranium, Dargonite and some others have been toted, with some athletes even claiming that the wording of this new regulation only bans adamantium. Let us make this clear, all tough metallic bones must be hidden inside the body during fights.”
Mr. Darlington Otueke and Mr. Lateef Suleiman, both high ranking members of the Federation made statements reasserting the referendum. The Meeting concluded with an adjournment of other issues.



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