US trade China Her Black Citizens for Debt Cancellation

Beijing – CHINA
The United States of America has agreed to a debt cancellation agreement with the Republic of China that would have China inherit all her African American citizens in exchange for complete cancellation of debts between the two countries. Analysts agree that while the agreement itself is crass and has sparked Protests, the US is taking the step to decongest it’s Prison population and reduce Heart-related deaths in her police force. China on the other hand, gets to increase revenues from her entertainment and sports industries, while solidifying her burgeoning economic relationship with the African continent.
Many have cited the Asian powerhouse Colonialist schemes as a major source of concern, while others protested that the bill for the agreement was based on a slavery era law. However, many Africans, African Americans and Asians expressed optimism at the prospect of a tension-free relationship between the two ethnicities, starting afresh on an untainted plate. Others opined that the move might have put and end to a looming 3rd World War triggered by hyper nationalist movements worldwide.



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